Saturday, September 1, 2012

Freestone First


Just got back from an amazing vacation in Lake Pacid - one of my favorite places on Earth. I managed to get in one good evening of fishing with my friends at The Hungry Trout, on a private, catch-and-release, fly fishing-only section of the Ausable River. This freestone river was vastly different than my home tailwater and was as equally challenging as it was exciting. I now understand why so many fisherman were so bummed when felt soles were banned, as my rubber-soled, carbide-studded boots did little in the way of traction. I relied heavily upon a wading staff to navigate the combination of current and slick rocks. I caught four nice browns and lost as many (plus two I missed on slow hook sets at the start). The Adirondacks provided a gorgeous backdrop, despite the pouring rain and thunder.

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